KOKORO Yoga Pathways

KOKORO Pathways are a select few of the available practices in our program that give you a template of what a month of consistent practice looks like. We suggest you do the breathing and visualization practices at least 3 days a week and optimally every day. We suggest that you practice each video listed each week for one month. The videos are numbered in order.

For Example:

Monday: Breathing & Visualization with video #1
Wednesday: Breathing with video # 2
Thursday: Breathing & Visualization with video # 3
Friday: Breathing with video # 4

If you want to practice every day as you can see the most important piece of your KOKORO Yoga practice is breathing, the secondary focus (still very important) is movement and visualization. The masters say to practice 3 times a week for maintenance and 6 days a week for optimal results. Make your practice realistic and enjoyable. Set up a space in your house, hotel room or gym that feels comfortable for you. Enjoy the process of learning and developing a personal practice. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback you are always welcome to email Catherine directly: [email protected]

We are honored to be guiding you on this journey and grateful to have you as part of the community.

Choose a pathway below to start your guided practice.

Beginner Pathway
Intermediate Pathway
Advanced Pathway